REALies with new look and new release

 REALies revealed their new look. Vo. Rayka  Gt. Ritsu  Gt. N∀O  Ba. Akino  Dr. Kazuna  REALies rebealed that they will release new double A-side single with title ””HEARTS/シネマシンドローム //HEARTS/Cinema Syndrome” on 03.09.2014 in 3 types. Limited edition type A will include CD and DVD and will cost 1,800 yen.  Tracklist: [CD] 1. HEARTS 2. シネマシンドローム /…


Throwback Thursday: X JAPAN – Kurenai

X JAPAN are truly back. They have a new release. But do you remember their old songs? Do you remember the precious Hide behind his guitar? Let him to rest in peace and remember one of X JAPAN’s greatest performances. Watch the song “Kurenai” from “The Last Live” below!

Golden Bomber

Golden Bomber will release new single

There is some good news for Golden Bomber fans. 8 months after the release of their latest single “101 kaime no noroi”, the band will release brand new single. And it is right in their way to show themselves. The single is titled 「ローラの傷だらけ」 (Roller no kizu-darake) and will be dropped in stores on 20th…


X JAPAN are on the road again

“Hello, X JAPAN fans! How are you? Are you ready for our comeback?” This would be the thing all members of the famous Japanese band would probably thinking. Well, I’m not sure about the correct words, but the fact that X JAPAN are back on the scene is confirmed. 2014 marks the memorial year of…


Moran are losing member, goes to hiatus

Sudden announcement came from the visual kei band Moran. Some time ago we reported that the band will release new single on 8th September this fall, but looks like the things are not good for the band itself. Unfortunately, it had been announced that drummer Soan has decided to leave the band. After many discussions…