G.A.I.A will release a second single

The band from Sapporo will release their second single named “[-] MAKER (ネガメイカー)” on December 26th! It will includes 3 songs for the price of ¥1.200. The band have revealed today the video teaser for this upcoming release. Tracklist: 1.[-]MAKER 2.Positive thinK 3.Letters src: OHP


Staff Top 10 Music Releases of 2014 by Picapica

01) DEZERT – 僕の「誤解」と右折禁止のルール違反 [2014.04.26, single (3 songs) 1620yen] DEZERT is still a prety young band but they have a pretty unique sound, they choose 3 good songs which you can listen over and over. Everyone should check this single out! 02) dieS – VICTIM [2014.08.13, Album (10 songs) 2500yen] [BUY] dieS is a band…


Blitz to release new single

Blitz have announced that they will release their 5th single named “卒業” (Sotsugyo) on January 21st! This single will be available in two different versions. Limited edition 1.卒業 2.熱情コラム DVD with “卒業” PV ¥1,944 Regular edition 1.卒業 2.熱情コラム 3.Milky ¥1,620 src: OHP + Tsubaki’s blog