girugämesh to release new mini album

Soon after their European Tour, the band girugämesh has announced that they will release a new mini album named “gravitation”! The mini album is scheduled to be released on September 24th and the tracklist as well as the covert art have been revealed today. Tracklist: 01. Go ahead 02. gravitation 03. Not Found 04. reflection…

glam grammar

Glam Grammar new look and new release

Glam Grammar revealed their new look and news for upcoming new release. Vo. Ayumu  Gt. Shuta  Ba. Ritsu  Dr. Marsa  Clam Grammar new single is with title ”東京名無しちゃん♀ / Tokyo Nanashi-chan♀” and will be released on 13.08.2014 in 2 editions. Limited Edition will include CD and DVD and will cost 1,800 yen (tax out). Tracklist:…

wing works

WING WORKS revealed new look and new release

Except his new look WING WORKS revealed and good news for fans on his official site. This good news is new 4th single (live limited) with title ”FIXXTION BOY”. CD will come on 20.09.2014 and will cost 1,000 yen (tax out). You can find the single on his live event tour ”THE LIVE WORKS_#2” (all 13…

litchi hikari club

Litchi Hikari Club to release a new mini album

The band formed by Hakuei will release a new mini album on August 13th. This mini album named “奇奇怪怪” (Kikikaikai), will be available in 3 different editions. You can already watch two short promotional videos of 赫煉墨(カクレンボ ) and 吸血鬼の涙 (Kyūketsuki no namida) revealed on Tamula Label’s channel today. src: euclid twitter


Syokudaikakkokai will release 1st maxi single

Do you hear about Syokudaikakkokai for the first time? This is very interesting band, under Starwave Records. You may probably had heard some of their song before, of course in Starwave Records’ compilations. Now the band is going to release their first own maxi single on 27th August 2014 with the title “Kagurazaka EXPLOSION”. “There…