Shounenki to release 5th single + Vo. Kou to undergo surgery

Shounenki has announced the release of their new single “ココロモンスター” (kokoro monster), to be available on May 27th in 3 different editions. Earlier this month, the staff of the band announced that Kou was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis so it was decided that he will undergo surgery after the oneman at Shibuya WWW on March14th. The…


MEJIBRAY revealed full video for one of their new upcoming singles

MEJIBRAY revealed full video for their song ”ネペンテス / Nepenthes”, which is the same name as their new upcoming 12th single. The CD will include 3 types and will be released on 01.04.2015. Of course they will release their 13th new single ”盈虧 / Eiki” on 06.05.2015, which will include 3 types. Limited edition Type…

femme fatala

Femme Fatale to release new single

Femme Fatale has announced the release of their 2nd single, to be named “Voyage”. It will be released on May 13th and will cost 1.370yen without tax. This release will be accompanied by a one-man tour 『Voyage-cortège funèbre-』, including performances at Shibuya REX, Nagoya clubZION, and Osaka RUIDO. src:OHP