Tokami to release a new mini-album

Tokami has announced the release of a new mini album for June 24th! It is named “Paradox”, and will include 7 songs. It will be available in pre-sales on May 11th at their release party live in Ikebukuro Ruido K3 for 2160yen, limited to 1000 copies. Tracklist: 01. Unconscious 02. Radiant 03. Souei -Okuribi no Sora- 04.…


Video Corner: Royz – THE BEGINNING (spot)

Royz revealed MV spot for “THE BEGINNING”, title of their 11th maxi single, to be released on May 6th in 4 different editions. The band will start a one-man tour “Beginners in Asia”, with performances in Beijing, Shangai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei as well as around 50 dates in Japan from May until September.…


REALies to disband in August

After four years of activities, the band REALies have announced their disbandment to be effective after their live on August 8th. The five members are sorry about this sad new, and asks for their fans support until the end. src: vkdb


On Focus: DIV

Official site | Official Facebook DIV (pronounced dive in English), is a quartet that was first a session band named 企画もの (kikakumono). They officialy became DIV in 2012 and the band is formed by Chisa, Satoshi, and two ex-members of xTRIPx, Chobi and Shougo. They have released their first mini album “Mudai no Document” in April…