HITT – mini-album review and upcoming tour

2More “natural than before” newest mini-album of HITT “NO SINGING NO LIFE” is coming on 22nd November. It consists of 6 songs – 4 new songs and 2 remakes.
First song “NO SINGING NO LIFE” is melodic and somehow energetic. Starting slow and the melody go faster in the chorus. HITT is trying to convince us that there is no life without singing and have full success with doing so. Second song “DESIRE” is in new bossa nova version and sounds somehow more passionate. The song “Memory” is finally officially released now, after HITT himself published it in the online space. You can easily dive into your own memories while listening to it. Starting only with piano and then adding more upbeat sound, alternating this tempo throughout the song. “Morning Snow” is a gentle ballad with very well sung chords, which immerse us in HITT’s snowy world. 5th song “WILD KISS” is introduced in jazz version. It sounds a bit different from the sound, which HITT shows us before. “LIFE” is the final song in this CD and once again immerse us in the beauty and tenderness of the perfect voice of the performer.
More accoustic and also powerful, this new mini-album of HITT is a must to buy.

1424354_10151829449211715_2127993211_nOn the next day starts HITT’s coupling tour with Ryo Fujimura. 2 singers are main entertainer for the Râmen Events’ 6th anniversary.

Tour dates:
23.11: HITT, Anim’est, Nancy, FRANCE
23.11 (20:00h): HITT + Ryo Fujimura, MJC Pichon, Nancy
24.11: Ryo Fujimura, Anim’Est, Nancy
28.11: HITT + Ryo Fujimura, Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany
29.11: 6 years Râmen Events – HITT + Ryo Fujimura, Rock Box, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
30.11: 6 years Râmen Events – Bar Live 301 , Roubaix, France
01.12: 6 years Râmen Events – 330Live NL, Den Haag, Netherlands
06.12: HITT + Ryo Fujimura, Le Maquis, Besançon, France
07.12: 6 years Râmen Events – HITT + Ryo Fujimura, Abracadabar, Paris, France
08.12: 6 years Râmen Events – HITT + Ryo Fujimura, LR6, Bruxelles, Belgique

Order your tickets from here!


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