On Focus: Gimmick.

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Gimmick. is formed in January 2012 from five current members.
Their first live is in February 2012, in Kansai, and then performed live in Tokyo, Nagoya, etc.
They performs one-man live in Nishitenma LIVE HOUSE D in the six months after from their formation. Live finish with brilliantly sell out. Their music is on the basis of the rock and pop.
September 2013 they released their 1st mini album – crossing field.
On 04.12.2013 they released their 1st single – 「2A」.

Nanase – vocal
Birthday: 04.02
Blood type: A


SHIGE. – guitar
Birthday: 26.02
Blood type: A

shige gt1

Hiro. – guitar
Birthday: 25.08
Blood type: A

hiro gt2

JITAN – bass
Birthday: 25.11
Blood type: A

jitan ba

Yoshio – drums
Birthday: 11.09
Blood type: A

yoshio dr


「2A」- 04.12.2013

Mini albums:
crossing field – September 2013


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