Nippon Heaven presents: sukekiyo

sukekiyoOfficial site

The first thing heard for this band was that an anonymous band was formed and is going to play as an opening act on SUGIZO’s live “THRIVE TO REALIZE” on 26th December. Later on, the members were confirmed to be a very known musicians on the Japanese scene. The band also had announced first EP – the daemon’s cutlery, which was sold during their live performance on the site along with some other merchandize. The band’s first music video “aftermath” is available for order on iTunes.


Kyo (DIR EN GREY) – on vocals
匠 (Takumi) (ex. RENTRER EN SOI) – on guitar / piano
UTA (ex. 9GOATS BLACK OUT) – on violin
YUCHI (kannivalism) – on bass guitar
未架 (Mika) (ex. RENTRER EN SOI) – on drums


1st EP – the daemon’s cutlery


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