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I-アイ- – recently everybody are talking about this band. This is a duo band, formed by Hiroaki Nakashima on vocals and Aneyoshi Yuki on guitar in November 2011. Right after the formation they had released their very first album – “0”th album “Crystallize”. The band first formal live is on 1st November 2011 at Takadanobaba Club PHASE. In 2012 the band have more lives, in May they had released new CD “LOVE☆ROMANCE/Liquid flower”, which was available for order only for a limited time. On the next month another limited CD was released – “NEO JESUS/SAMURAI JAP“. 2013 is the year, in which I-Ai became more popular in Europe – they went under the promotion of Nyanko Scandal Factory and their first overseas lives were planed – at first as a small tour, later on along with help from Râmen Events it was announced that the band will tour in few more countries. In this year they had released 3 digital singles – “”Christian Rose”, 「薔薇と蛇」(Bara to hebi) and “Duty”. This year on 16th January starts their European tour with first stop Bar Live301, Roubaix, France. Also, on the first day of the year, the band released their album “I-ai-“.

HiroakiNakashima Hiroaki
Part: vocal
Birthday: 29th December
Blood type: O

YukiAneyoshi Yuki
Part: guitar
Birthday: 22nd May
Blood type: A


11.11.2011: Crystallize (album)
xx.05.2012: LOVE☆ROMANCE (demo CD)
xx.05.2012: NEO JESUS (demo CD)
31.05.2013: Christian Rose (digital single)
31.05.2013: 薔薇と蛇 (Bara to hebi) (digital single)
09.09.2013: Duty (digital single)
01.01.2014: I-ai- (album)

I-Ai- European tour:
16 January: Roubaix, France @Bar Live 301
17 January: Den Haag, Netherlands @330live
18 January: Cologne, Germany @MTC
19 January: Bruxelles, Belgium @LR6
23 January: Luxembourg @Rock Box
24 January: Paris, France @ TBA
25 January: Stockholm, Sweden @Lakeside

“Duty” MV

Liquid Flower

Listen the newest album “I-ai-” on Spotify


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