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NEXTRADE is four-piece rock band formed in Tokyo on 23rd October 2011. Band’s name is formed by the two words next and trade – next future trade. Every member of the band has a different point of view of the music and all this makes their music to turn into hybrid of different sounds and emotions.
Even though the band is formed October 2011, they has made their first live appearance in June 2012, along with the release of their first EP. On 22 November the same year they had released the single “My Real Intention” in the free one-man live at Shinjuku HEAD POWER. May 2013 guitarist TAG decided to leave the band and in June bassist Nao followed his steps.
July 2013 bassist Rikiya had joined the band and on 25th October they released new CD – mini-album “Possibility”.


Part: vocal
Birthday: 22nd November
Blood type: A
Official Twitter

Part: guitar
Birthday: 17th October
Blood type: O
Official Twitter

rikiyaRikiya (力也)
Part: bass
Birthday: 27th September
Blood type: B
Official Twitter

Part: drums
Birthday: 3rd January
Blood type: B
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xx.xx.2011: OVERKILL (free distribution CD)
04.06.2012: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (first EP)
11.08.2012: Diablo (one-coin single)
22.11.2012: My Real Intention (first single)
17.02.2013: desire (2-man live limited free distribution CD)
25.10.2013: Possibility (first mini-album)

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