On Focus: INHALE

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After the split of K.O.D. in 2006, technical guitarist Takahiro formed INHALE, a four pieces metal outfit hailing from Osaka. While utilizing each member’s respective influences, ranging from Old Skool to Thrash Metal, they have come to be known as one of the finest technical metal bands in the far eastern metal scene today, blending melodic sounds with crushing riffs and vocals. The band began playing shows in 2007, with interest rising quickly and steadily. After signing to Zestone Records in 2009, their first album – Heaven and Hell was released nationwide in Japan. In 2010, the band opened at the OUTRAGE festival, and followed this by playing at many other prestigious metal events in the country. Each step gained more acclaim, and they once again toured the country in Spring 2010. Sadly, May of the same year, vocalist Shoichi decided to leave INHALE. After around thirty auditions, ex-They Speak In Swarms vocalist Jeff joined the band at the end of the year, But Jeff left the band because of personal problem in Spring 2012. INHALE found a new excellent vocalist – RYO joined July 2013! October 2013 they released 3rd single – The Dakest Days. Now they have plans for live shows and the production of a second album in 2014!

Ryo Yamaguchi / 山口 諒 – vocal

ryo vo

Takahiro Hashimoto / 橋本 貴弘 – guitar

takahiro gt

Akira Tateyama / 立山 昂 – bass

akira ba

Tatsuya Fujimori / 藤森 達哉 – drums

tatsuya dr

INHALE – 27.12.2007
Inhale – 06.06.2011

The Darkest Days – 04.11.2013

HEAVEN & HELL – 25.11.2009

YOU NAME IT – 16.09.2009



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