On Focus: LOST

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LOST are 5-piece metal band from Japan, formed in 1998 in Kobe. They describe themselves as a screamo/hardcore band and surely have such sound. 6 years they make music and lives without any record, but in 2004 this was changed. On 25th November their first album “Innocence” was finally released along with nationwide tour. This is only the first step for the popularity of the band. During 2005 they went again on a tour – exactly “Zest For Living”. 2006 is filled with events – own and guest appearance, and in 2007 they finally released another CD – EP “Unseen Sights”. In 2008 another tour is made – their 10th anniversary tour, in which participated band from overseas and Japanese bands like INHALE, F.I.B, evylock, FC FIVE.
In April 2010 new CD was released – “Unwritten Pages”, followed by their 2nd album “Discovery” on 9th June, recorded in US. Another release followed in 2011 – their 2nd EP “The Monsoon”. 2012 went full of events – guest appearings, one-mans and of course band’s 15th anniversary. Later on, the band made major changes – again decided to record overseas, this time in Avalance Studios in Australia. The band released a new game their EP “Recreator” under the record label maximum10. New chapter of the history is going to be written.


Vocal: Hiroki
Guitar: Sakamoto
Guitar: Morinaga
Bass guitar: Daisuke
Drums: TAG


25.11.2004: Innocence (album)
05.09.2007: Unseen Sights (1st EP)
13.05.2009: A Decade In Three Ways (omnibus)
16.09.2009: YOUNAMEIT (compilation)
03.04.2010: Unwritten Pages (unreleased songs CD)
09.06.2010: DISCOVERY (2nd album)
04.03.2011: PUNK GOES CLASSIC ROCK (compilation)
13.04.2011: THE MONSOON (2nd EP)
11.05.2011: ZEST FOR LIVING Vol.1 (compilation)
18.01.2012: ZEST FOR LIVING Vol.02 (compilation)
14.11.2012: A SANTA CAUSES -It’s A Pop Rock Christmas- (compilation)
20.03.2013: MAYDIE!! (compilation)
22.05.2013: PUNK GOES POP 5 (Japan Edition) (compilation)
29.05.2013: RECREATOR


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