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Anli Pollicino is visual kei band, formed in 2006 with members Shindy on vocals, Takuma on guitar and Kiyozumi on drums. Their first concert was in July 2006 at Ikebukuro Cyber. In August 2007 Yo-1 – guitar and back vocals joined the band. In August 2009 support bassist Masatoshi officially joined the band. On 21 November 2009 first mini-album “Fahrenheit 31 was released. Next month new single “Street Smarts / Mr. 0 Live Ver.” was released. 2010 started with the release of next single “Labyrinth / Taste Me” on 12th February. Another new single “Snow Venus / SLUM JUMP” was released on 7th March. In May the band made their first European tour and held concerts at 19 different places. On 2nd June single “Slave Machine / L`eotoile Filante” was released. After that the band left his label “Zany Zap” and made a little break from its activities.
Next year, in June the band made comeback with the new maxi-single “Rondo”, which was released on 8 June. On 17th August another new maxi-single “Devilish Eyes” was released. The band ended 2011, releasing new maxi-single “Game Of Love” on 2nd November. On 2nd May 2012, according to the upcoming European tour album “Life Is Beautiful” was released only for Europe. In June 2nd European tour of the band was made in 9 different countries. On 8th August first full album “TRANCEFORMER” was released in 2 different editions. Later on, the band joined again Zany Zap and euclid agency.
In 2013 Anli Pollicino were chosen to play as opening act in all the lives of GUILD’s nationwide tour. Along with it the band released their first DVD in July. 2014 was began with fierce start for the band – on 1st January were released their single “Angel Heart” and few weeks after it came an announcement for new album release.


Part: vocal
Birthday: 21 November
Blood type: B

Takuma ATakuma
Part: guitar
Birthday: 23 December
Blood type: AB
Blog / Twitter

Part: guitar, back vocals and DJ
Birthday: 22 October
Blood type: AB
Blog / Twitter

Part: bass
Birthday: 10 December
Blood type: AB
Blog / Twitter

Part: drums
Birthday: 26 February
Blood type: O
Blog / Twitter


21.01.2009: Fahrenheit 31

23.12.2009: Street Smarts / Mr. 0 Live Ver.
12.02.2010: Labyrinth / Taste Me
07.03.2010: Snow Venus / SLUM JUMP
02.06.2010: Slave Machine / L`eotoile Filante
01.01.2014: Angel Heart

08.06.2011: Rondo
17.08.2011: Devilish Eyes
02.11.2011: Game Of Love

02.05.2012: Life Is Beautiful
15.08.2012: TRANCEFORMER


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