Nippon Heaven presents: グル/Guru

top_1Official Site

グル/Guru is formed on 05.02.2014 from 4 girls – Vo. かっか(ex.ЯIKE MAD)、Gt. ロロ(ex.SILICA)、Ba. りぅき(ex.ЯIKE MAD)、Dr. 魅ラ(ex.SILICA). They have dark appearance, but their music is melodious and catchy. Their start-up live event will be on 04.04.2014 at Ash OSAKA. On same day will release and 1st demo single – FANE RAIN. Prior to the start of the live on 04.04 their 1st demo single is with pre-release on the official site.

Kakka – vocal
Birthday: New Year’s Day
Blood type: A

kakka vo

Roro – guitar
Birthday: Day of a good boy, good boy
Blood type: AB

roro gt

Rixuki – bass
Birthday: 18.10
Blood type: A

rixuki ba

Mira – drums
Birthday: 20.02
Blood type: A

mira dr


Demo singles:
FANE RAIN – 04.04.2014


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