On Focus: Belmosaic

BelmosaicOfficial site

Belmosaic is visual kei band, formed in June 2012. The band held their first secret live on 21st June same year at OSAKA MUSE. First official live of the band was on 27th June at BIGCAT. On 6th August 2012 they had released their first CDs – live-limited single “Kokyuu” and store-limited single “Acid Girl”.
Belmosaic released their 3rd single “Theater” on 26th June 2013, followed by their 4th – “Shiranai Sora” on 6th November the same year. 2014 didn’t started good for the band – drummer logic decided to leave the band. Fortunately Belmosaic will continue their live activities. The band is currently signed under Rosetta label.


Part: vocal
Birthday: 5 Februry

Part: guitar
Birthday: 8 February

Part: guitar
Birthday: 28 December

Part: bass
Birthday: 8 JuneBlog


06.08.2012: 「呼吸」(Kokyuu) (1st live-limited single)
06.08.2012: Acid Girl (2nd shop-limited single)
26.06.2013: 「シアター」 (Theater) (3rd single)
06.11.2013: 「知らない空」(Shiranai Sora) (4th single)


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