Chi no Shio

Chi no ShioOfficial site
Original title: 地の塩
Episodes: 4
Broadcasting network: WOWOW
Airtime: Sundays 22:00
Release date: February 16 – March 9, 2014
Directors: Suzuki Kosuke, Gonno Hajime

Kamimura Kensaku is an archeologist. He makes a discovery that overturns history. Kensaku’s discovery proves humans existed in Japan at a time where it was previously thought they did not. The small village of Shiona, where Kensaku made his discovery, also feels an influx of new people coming to the area.
Meanwhile, the bone of a female student is discovered at an excavation site where Kensaku works. What will happen then? How will they investigate?

Oizumi Yo as Kamimura Kensaku
Matsuyuki Yasuko as Sakuma Rina
Tanabe Seiichi as Yukinaga Taichi
Tanaka Kei as Baba Yoshiaki
Itao Itsuji as Kashiwada Michio
Jinnai Takanori as Sawatari Zenzo
Iwasaki Hiromi as Yonematsu Saeko
Kitaro as Kunimatsu Gentaro
Tsukayama Masane as Hiyama Eijiro


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