Tanaka Masahiro joined NY Yankees


Tanaka Masahiro Tanaka Masahiro put a dark gray t-shirt and blue shorts for a NY Yankees for his first training. 25 year old right-hander agreed to play for NY Yankees for $155 million and seven year contract on 22nd January. On Saturday (25th), on the first day of workouts for Yankees, Tanaka threw 32 pitches to catcher Francisco Cervelli in a bullpen session.

He played long toss with Kuroda Hiroki, threw his bullpen session, participated in pitchers’ fielding practice, and then did the conditioning run. “As a player, I feel very honored to get this much attention. Some fans were cheering today and I was very happy to receive those cheers. But at the same time, I understand that I haven’t given out any results on the field yet. So my focus is to train and go out there and try to get those results.” said Tanaka.

He is only 25, but already have a very high successes in Japan. Now maybe is time his talent  to reap great success in North America.


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