NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST revealed details for the upcoming DVD and single

nokuburaSome months ago we informed you about some upcoming released of the band NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST. Now they revealed some more information about the DVD and this first single from their 3 months consecutive single releases.

“GEARS OF OMEGA” DVD will be released on 19th March (Wed) and will cost 5,000 yen.
Track list:
[DISC 1]
01 Rebellion
02 Disaster
04 Obligation
06 Domestic Crisis
07 Puppet Creature
08 Sphere
Drum solo
10 Reverence
11 Vanilla
12 Rise Above

[DISC 2]
13 Trigger
14 V.I.P
15 Empty glass
16 A Bullet of Skyline
01 Pleasure of Torture
02 A day to remember

The band also revealed details for the first single, which will be released on March. The exact release date is set to be 26th (Wed) and the title of the single is “Strike in fact”, will consist of 3 songs and will cost 1,500 yen.

Track list:
1. naked
2. Strike in fact
3. Beautiful Craze


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