On Focus: SANA

SanaOfficial Site / Official Facebook

Stage name: SANA
Nickname: SANA Sama
Birthplace: JAPAN
Birth Date: 18 June
Blood Type: B
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 58kg
Hobbies: Modern arts, kickboxing
Favorite things: He prefers red wine and Jack Daniels

SANA is j-rock / visual kei artist from Japan.
In the year 1998 he left his hometown to go to Tokyo, to start his music career. 2001 is his first experience with the band Lusid bare inu. In 2003 they broke up and SANA joined the band MASK in june 2003. A year after, the vocalist Jin and the new drummer Minami completed the band and they released 8 maxi single and a best of album. 2006 MASK decided to break up and their last live is on 01.05.2006. After that SANA immediately signed a solo contract at LOOP ASH and 3 months later released his 1st solo mini-album “Hitoribochi” on 31.08.2006. The first show of his solo project is on 18.06 with “Re:Birth“ at Harajuku astro hall, then next live is on 12.12 at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO, with a title “Dokusai”. So, SANA’s solo career starts. Soon after, he left LOOP ASH in 2007 and signed a new contract with an english company, because SANA wanted to promote his music also overseas. SANA released a CD joint with Photo-book in June 2009, called „Eclipse“. On 13.07.2010 on Kαin’s official side informed the fans, that SANA will be the formal sixth member of the gothic alternative Visual Rock band Kαin. Two years after, in the year 2012 SANA formed the unit „Seiyou meet Visual kei „ with voice actor Kazuki Yao. Together they performed at Roppongi which was supported by TV Asahi. Later they performed on a hawaiian convention in Honolulu. This is a great event for SANA because his dream of performing oversea went true. March 2013 he went to South America to take pictures and study english , as well to get new inspiration for guitar arrangement.
2013 he supported Satsuki ( ex.RENTRER EN SOI vocal) for his Europe tour in June. November 2013 he went to „ Seiyou meet Visual Kei“-project with the voice actor Hiroaki Takahashi in Hawaii, Honolulu. Before the start of his European tour this year, he will be released new single and new mini-album.


Silver – 2006 (limited, with SHOXX magazine)

Hitoribochi – 31.08.2006
Eclipse – June 2009

SANA solo

with Kαin

with Satsuki

with MASK


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