Nippon Heaven presents: H · ∀ · K Factory

45 Official Site

H · ∀ · K Factory started as an Ash (ex. L (Lotus)) solo project on 08.01.2010! He has a solo performances since then and on February 2013 had opened his official site. Now members are four – Ash, Sho, Jujo and Nobu. They have released 1st video on 10.01.2014 and 1st full album – Re;Set on 22.11.2013! Their 1st introduction is for We ROCK magazine on 14.02.2014!  On 27.02.2014 is their 1st One Man live.

Vo. and Ba. Ash
Birthday: 10.01


Gt. 翔 / Sho
Birthday: 17.05


Gt. 獣成 / Jujo
Birthday: 04.09


Dr. Nobu
Birthday: 01.02



Re;Set – 22.11.2013


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