Olympic Games ended successfully for Japan!



On 23.02.2014 was the official closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Shiny and lush, closing ceremony were held on purpose-built sports stadium forum “Fisht”, on which the procession passed and all the athletes in the Olympiad.
Japanese delegation which participated in the Olympic Games in Sochi returned on the morning of the 25th. Тhey arrived at Narita Airport and received a warm welcome from many fans. Earned medals for Japan are 8: one gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze.


Here are the names of the athletes who won medals:
With gold medal:
Yuzuru Hanyu (figure skating, men)

With silver medals:
Akito Watabe (Nordic Combined/Individual Gundersen NH / 10km)
Noriaki Kasai (Ski Jumping/Men’s Large Hill, Individual)
Tomoka Takeuchi (Snowboard/Ladies’ Parallel Giant Slalom)
Ayumu Hirano (Snowboard/Men’s Halfpipe)

With bronze medals:
Ayana Onozuka (Freestyle Skiing/Ladies’ Ski Halfpipe)
Noriaki Kasai (Ski Jumping/Men’s Team)
Taku Hiraoka (Snowboard/Men’s Halfpipe)

Congratulation for all winners! zx620_2247942



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