Music review: GACKT – P.S. I LOVE U

GACKTEverybody knows GACKT – one of the big names in visual kei i j-rock industry, known all over the world. This time, on 12 February 2014 he released his newest single – “P.S. I LOVE YOU”. This is the first single release since his single “WHITE LOVERS -幸せなトキ-” was released on December 2012, followed only by his best album “BEST OF THE BEST” in July 2013. In this single GACKT shows us again how strong and how soft can be his voice.
The single is released in 3 different editions and everyone can decide which one to buy – one regular edition with the new 2 songs and its instrumentals, other consisting the same as the regular plus music video of the main song and limited edition, which is available for purchase only from GACKT’s online store.

GLCD-00002First song is the one from the single title – P.S. I LOVE YOU. It’s soft ballad, which shows us the potential of GACKT’s voice and the fact that he is one of the best ballads singer. Most of his ballads are as touching as this one.
Starting with slow piano sounds and continuing with them in the first 2 minutes. Some stronger guitar sounds are included in the bridge between the first chorus and the second verse of the song, which continues to to alternate in the whole song. As a master of writing meaningful lyrics, GACKT shows his power in this song too.
Apart of everything else the song is used in the VARTIX CM. It’s a best present for Valentine’s day for all couples.

The second song from the single is “RIDE OR DIE” and is used for GACKT × kissmark project Rouge et Noir “RIDE OR DIE”. It’s start with sound, resembling  bullet shot. It’s way faster than the previous one in the single and gives some kind of a feeling for starting an adventure. With its catchy melody and lyrics, the songs makes you humming along with GACKT. Unlike the first song, this one is slightly longer than 3 minutes. It impacts you, suggesting the main idea of the title – RIDE OR DIE.


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