Chemical Pictures’ Ten Ten releases first CD with photo book

Ex. vocalist of Chemical Pictures Ten Ten (Taira Kazuhiro) is releasing his first solo CD. Interesting is that with it, buyers will also have a photo book, as such will be released along with the CD.

The release is titled “Taira Kazuhiro photo book “Rokou Souchi”. It will consist CD “Philip”, which wasn’t released till now and photo book with 32 pages, which consist A4 size colorized pictures.

The pack costs 2,800 yen and it is available for order from 3rd March 2014. Orders will be received after the payment is confirmed. The first who order will receive also a benefit – autographed photo (random 10 types). Be sure to order now, because it’s limited.

As the order is only through e-mail application, you need to go to this page and use the form at the bottom. For more information write to

Check also:
Taira Kazuhiro official blog



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