DOG inThePWO are celebrating their 5th anniversary

It’s 2014 and this marks DOG inThePWO’s 5th anniversary as a band. That’s why they decided to make some special things to celebrate their 5 years together.

The first special thing is not other, but nationwide tour “Ura DOG in JAPAN”. The tour will take place in 7 different live houses and will start with the first one on 9th May and will finish on 25th May. Check out full schedule below!
“Ura DOG in JAPAN”:
09 May @ Sendai enn 2nd
11 May @ Niigata RIVERST
14 May @ Nagoya UP SET
15 May @ Kyoto GROWLY
18 May @ Kobe Taiyou to tora
24 May @ Fukuoka LIVEHOUSE CB
25 May @ Okayama CRAZY MAMA 2nd Room

They will also held a special event “Ura inu goya” on 6th June at TSUTAYA O-EAST.

Second special announcement from the band about their anniversary is that they are going to release their first LIVE DVD. It is titled “LIVE DVD One Man TOUR 2014 DOG in JAPAN FINAL 『Chuuken shibu kou』” and will consist their live from 1st March 20014 hold at Shibuya Koukaidou. It will be released in 2 different editions. The super special limited edition will consist of 2 disks and will cost 6,800 yen + tax. The regular edition will consist of 1 disk only and will cost 4,000 yen + tax.

Going along, the third surprise from DOG inThePWO is that they will release new single. “Sakigake! Matsuriizm” will be released on 23rd July in 3 different editions. First press edition A and B will cost 1,800 yen + tax and regular edition will cost 1,200 yen + tax. More information such as track list and cover works are still to be announced, but we will inform you when they are revealed, so be sure to stay in touch.

2 more surprises are left unrevealed, so all we should do is to wait. What should they decide? Who knows.


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