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HEXVOID is an alternative/metalcore band from Tokyo, Japan as they describe themselves. The band was formed in October 2007 by members ERC on vocals, Kyohey on guitar, Raito on bass and Hajime on drums. They played their very first live in January 2008. HEXVOID release their first 2 demos “Swing Addict” and “Crimson Teeth” in 2009, followed by their first album “You Don’t Know These Songs” in the same year.
In 2010 they released
CD+DVD single “Paradigm Shift”, which was followed by promotion tour with 23 stops. Later on the band shoot music videos for “Horizon Flare” in 2010 and “BreedingFear” in 2011. In 2012 the band released their awaited single “For Myself / Mosh & Beer”.
In 2013 HEXVOID made progress and went to mostly wanted overseas tour in New York, USA and played 5 shows for 4 days. This was a big thing as the band wants to operate more overseas and to release CDs with bands outside of Japan.
In 2014 they starts with releasing the video for the song “For Myself” and announced that they will participate in the

SADS RESPECT ALBUM “M”, which will be released on 26th March.


Part: vocal

Part: guitar

Part: bass

Part: drums


17.04.2008: Swing Addict [demo]
10.06.2008: Crimson Teeth [demo]
05.10.2008: Deep Krak [SOLDIER’Z x HEXVOID Split GIG DVD]
22.10.2008: Beyond the Horizon [Zi Show no chiheisen Compilation CD]
10.04.2009: You Don’t Know These Songs [album]
10.08.2009: Beyond the Horizon #2 [Zi Show no chiheisen Compilation CD]
10.08.2010: paradigm shift LIMITED DISK FOR PROPAGANDA [free demo]
23.10.2010: paradigm shift [single]
xx.xx.2012: For Myself / Mosh & Beer [single]


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