Nippon Heaven presents: Phantom, the DISTURBIA

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Phantom, the DISTURBIA is Japanese screamo band, formed at the end of 2011 by some of the members of the band The Left to be Mine. Band’s first performance is played in May 2012 at Shinjuku ANTIKNOCK in where the band continue to play many of their lives. They also play in Japanese tour of the band My City Burning (from the Netherlands) along with Myproof.
After going through many member’s changes,
Phantom, the DISTURBIA release thir first CD “Everlasting Sin E.P.”. The band continue with member’s changes. Their song is added in “Lyrical Magic Records 1st compilation”.
In 2014 they join Mud Wheel Records. Their songs becomes available on iTunes.


Itsuki (一輝)
Part: vocal

Part: keyboard

Hikaru (ひかる)
Part: guitar

Sugi-chan (スギちゃん)
Part: guitar

Rinatorou (りんたろう)
Part: bass

Takebuchi (たけぶち)
Part: drums


25.10.2012: Cataclysm (compilation)
07.12.2012: Long Gate (single)
01.03.2013: Everlasting Sin E.P. (single)
30.03.2013: Lyrical Magic Records 1st compilation (compilation)


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