Kis-My-Ft2 break the charts! Announces new album!

KisMyFt2Kis-My-Ft2 are making their glorious permanent seizure of the scene. The band release their single “Hikari no Signal” on 5th March and hit 1st place at Oricon weekly single ranking right after its release. This is their 10th single, since their beginning being officially active band.

The band also announce that they are going to release new album. It is titled “HIT! HIT! HIT!” and will be released on 26th March 2014. The album will consist of 14 songs in a raw – all their hits, starting with their first one “Everybody Go”.
It will be released in 3 different editions. The limited edition will consist of 14 songs CD, 2 DVDs and photos and will cost 5,800 yen + tax. The first DVD will be filled with all music videos of all 14 songs in the CD, and the second DVD will be with 13 songs and their live performances. The other limited edition will consist of CD + DVD and will cost 3,800 yen + tax. Its DVD will consist the music videos of the songs from the CD. The regular edition will consist of CD only and its price is 2,600 yen + tax.

CD track list:
1. Everybody Go
2. We never give up!
5. Shake It Up
8. My Resistance -タシカナモノ- (My Resistance -Tashikana mono-)
9. 運命Girl (Unmei Girl)
10. キ・ス・ウ・マ・イ ~KISS YOUR MIND~ (Ki・su・u・ma・i ~KISS YOUR MIND~)
11. S.O.S (Smile On Smile)
12. キミとのキセキ (Kimi to no kiseki)
13. SNOW DOMEの約束 (SNOW DOME no Yakusoku)
14. Luv Sick


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