Magistina Saga are coming in Europe!

Magistina SagaYes, you read it right! Magistina Saga are coming in Europe!

Thanks to Too Wild agency in collaboration with Starwave Records, female-fronted band will visit Europe and in particular Belgium. The band will be part from one of the very known festivals for metal music – Metal Female Voices.

Metal Female Voices Festival XII will be held as always at Oktoberhallen in Wieze, Belgium and this year the dates in which it will take place are 17, 18 and 19 October. The festival is known with participation of bands like Epica, Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy, Tarja Turunen – popular bands and musician on the metal scene. And also with not very known, but unique bands.

In 2014′ edition along with Magistina Saga will participate the bands Ancient Bards, Head Phones President and many other. More information about the exact day of Magistina Saga’s performance and tickets will be announced soon.

Are you excited already?


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