sukekiyo with new look and new album release

sukekiyoKyo’s new band sukekiyo is gaining speed in the music scene. Lately they revealed their new look and details for their upcoming brand new album, which will be also their first. The album will be with title “IMMORTALIS” and will be dropped in stores on 30th April 2014. It will be in 3 different editions – all of them limited and one regular (original version).

jacketsAll four editions will consist of same track list for disk 1.
elisabeth addict
nine melted fiction
hidden one
烏有の空 (uyuu no sora)
the daemon’s cutlery
scars like velvet
鵠 (kugui)
斑人間 (madara ningen)
in all weathers

Initial limited edition / original version – Original version will consist of 1 CD with the songs above and will cost 3,200 yen + tax. Initial limited edition will consist of 2 CDs – the one in the original version and another, in which will be a bonus CD of collaborations with and remixes by artists including SUGIZO (LUNA SEA / X JAPAN), HISASHI (GLAY), HITOKI (KUROYUME), SHUJI ISHII (cali≠gari), TK (RIN TOSHITE SHIGURE), and more. Also included on the bonus CD is a collaboration featuring KIRITO (Angelo), vocalist of PIERROT, an overwhelmingly popular band and rivals when DIR EN GREY debuted. This edition will cost 3,800 yen + tax.

The other 2 editions will be available for order from Kyo’s official online store and are in limited quantity.
Initial limited deluxe edition – this edition will consist of 3 disks as the first 2 are the same with the initial limited edition. The 3rd disk is Blu-ray and consist of live footages from lives on 29 December 2013 at Shibuya AX and the live on 30 December – rockin’on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14. This 3rd disk will include also music videos of “aftermath” (IMMORTALIS version) and “in all weathers”. Fans, who decide to purchase this edition will receive also special booklet and T-shirt. Be fast, because the order period is from 10th March to 31st March. It will cost 10,000 yen + tax.

Initial limited edition (from Kyo’s online store) – this one will consist 3 disks – the same like in the initial limited deluxe edition. Special booklet will be also included. You can buy it for 7,500 yen + tax and order period starts from 1st April 2014.


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