Nippon Heaven presents: VRZEL

VRZELOfficial Site

VRZEL is formed November 2012, but now on 01.01.2014 their official site is opened. They are part from new label ブルーム/Bloom. Members are four and their activity is especially in the metropolitan area. Next 3 months they will have performance in Takadanobaba AREA, Birth Shinjuku, Ash Osaka, Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT and Ikebukuro RUIDO K3.

Cion / 紫音 – vocal
Birthday: 15.10
Blood type: AB

cion vo

Iroha / 彩華 – guitar
Birthday: 25.01
Blood type: 0

iroha2 gt

Kira / 綺羅 – bass
Birthday: 28.04
Blood type: A

kira2 ba

Koto / 琴 – drums
Birthday: 26.04
Blood type: AB型RH+

koto dr


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