On Focus: Purple Stone

1383041_214242845418916_326971011_nOfficial site | Official Facebook

Purple Stone is a 3 members band from Osaka, that has debuted in March 2013. Their first live limited single was “Scar”, released during the summer of the same year. Their first mini album “NEXUS” has been released in November, including 6 new songs.
It was announced recently that the singer, keiya, will make a break from his activites as he was diagnosed with left recurrent laryngeal nerve paresis. But the band will continue with 2 members until he recovers.

Vo. keiya (ex-Hazze)

keiya Date of Birth: 5/30
Blood Type: B
Twitter | Blog

Gt & Prog. GAK

gak Date of Birth: 1/16
Blood Type: A
Twitter | Blog

Ba. Fuma (ex-Hazze)

fuma Date of Birth: 6/28
Blood Type: A
Twitter | Blog


Limited Live Sale single:
[2013/06/07] Scar

Mini Album:
[2013/11/27] NEXUS


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