On Focus: DixdriveR

DixdriveROfficial Site

DixdriveR is visual kei band, formed in February 2012. They started activities officially on  29.04.2012. Released 1st demo single ”スターダスト/star dust” on the same date with their start activities live. In 2012 they released 2nd demo single and 1st single ”SIRIUS-シリウス-” on 19.12.2012. Next releases are 2 singles, released in 2013. In 2014 drummer luu left the band and his place took Ichika. Ichika officially joined on 01.03.2014 and their 1st live with new member is on 06.03.2014 at Senadi HooK. Same year on 30 April they will release their new 4th single “RED DESIRE”.

Yu / 悠 – vocal
Birthday: 16.06
Blood type: A

yu_prof vo

Ryo / 凌 – guitar
Birthday: 08.03
Blood type: B

ryo_prof gt

Shiki / 四季 – bass
Birthday: 27.01
Blood type: B

shiki_prof ba

Nanaya / 七夜 – key
Birthday: 10.12
Blood type: B

nanaya_prof key

Ichika / 弌霞 – drums
Birthday: 06.12
Blood type: A

ichika_prof dr

Demo singles:
スターダスト/star dust – 29.04.2012
Hell+0=Mr.Moment – 30.07.2012

SIRIUS-シリウス- – 19.12.2012
Durandal – 01.05.2013
MeteoR – 23.10.2013
RED DESIRE – 30.04.2014

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