PS: Last farewell from Capella

Some time ago we reported the sad news that Capella will disband. Soon will be 2nd April and the band will release their last album titled [P.S.], which is already available for pre-sale on their lives. The album consist of 8 tracks in a row, from which you can found re-recoded songs “Kafka”, “stars room iden.” and “Nene” and of course new songs. Even though they will disband, Capella made great songs and expressed all their feelings through the music, the last release for them together.

I advice you to be fast in ordering as their is only 1000 copies of the album. In it you can find also 8 pages booklet and all this for only 2,800 yen (tax in). And other thing, only 7 lives left, hurry up and go to at least one of them.
Final schedule:
April 4: Ikebukuro CYBER (last tour)
April 10: Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT (last tour)
April 11: Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE! (last tour)
April 17: Sendai PARK SQUARE (last tour)
May 26: Kouenji Nimanboruto (one-man)
June 16: TSUTAYA O-WEST (Starwave Fest)
June 26: Ikebukuro EDGE (one-man)

Recently the band also posted full music video of the song “Lyring”, which we presented you on our video corner, and last comment video. Check them out!

swcp-006last album [P.S.]
Release date: 2nd April 2014
Product code: SWCP-6
Track list:
1. Lyring
2. カフカ (Kafka)
3. 世壊平和 (Sekaiheiwa)
4. Rainy Re:iny
5. stars room iden.
6. 逆光センチメンタル (Gyakkou sentimental)
7. WonderLand
8. 音々 (Nene)

Order from Starwave Records online shop
Order from Like an Edison

Source: OHP, Kiwamu Kai


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