Aniplay Bulgaria 2014! First steps!

aniplayHi there.
Several days ago the final casting for Aniplay took place and the jury has decided which groups will be participating. Wohooooo! And I know you’re all excit… what? What do you mean “I have no rocking idea what Aniplay is”?… Really? Oh, ummm… then let me explain.

First – if you don’t know what a cosplayer is, just watch this video and correct that mistake.

Cosplaying has become very popular the last 5 years and currently it is almost impossible to have a Japanese culture festival or a Gaming/Anime convention, that doesn’t have a cosplay review. Sometimes the cosplayers decide to make a quick performance to entertain the audience. And this is where Aniplay shows up. Aniplay is a theater where all of the actors are cosplayers from various anime, manga, movie or PC/Video game.

So if you’d love to see things like: Ed, Edd and Eddy meet The Powerpuff girls; what does SuperMario do when he’s not out saving the princess; how Batman stops the cunning plans of the Joker, then Aniplay is the place to go.

Join us on 26th of April at 15:00 in “Mladejki” Theatre. The address is 8 Dondukov boulevard, Sofia, Bulgaria. More info coming soon.

Written by: Ivaylo Spasoff @ Nippon Heaven

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