Nippon Heaven presents: Alioth

aliothOfficial site

– アリオト – / Alioth is new band formed in beginning of 2014. Members are Aoi, Haruto, Nao, Rin and Gaku. Their start activities live will be on 18.04.2014 at HOLIDAY NEXT. On the event will have distribution CD (including comment introduction), as present. Band schedule include also live’s in Imaike 3STAR and Hamamatsu FORCE.

Aoi / 蒼空 – vocal
Birthday: 14.09
Blood type: A

aoi vo

Haruto / 遥斗 – guitar
Birthday: 16.09
Blood type: B


Nao / 七緒 – guitar
Birthday: 27.07
Blood type: 0

nao gt2

Rin / 凜 – bass
Birthday: 20.12
Blood type: 0

rin ba

Gaku – drums
Birthday: 03.07
Blood type: B

gaku drum

Discography soon.


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