GUILD to release new DVD


Awesome news from GUILD. This year GUILD are in full power, making release after release. After the successfully released single and album, now the band had announced that they are going to release new DVD. Recently the band held their first one-man live at Shibuya Koukaido and now this live comes as a DVD. It’s release date is 16th May and the title is same as the event title – “GUILD First Hall one-man live “Burning White Day ~Moete anata to Yuuwaku Rhapsody in Shubuya Koukaido” 2014.3.16″. The price of the DVD is 4,000 yen + tax.

Track list:
02. 誘惑ラプソディー (Yuuwaku Rhapsody)
03. Super Look of Love
04. MC
05. ウソじゃない (Uso janai)
06. ABC
08. MC
09. サクラ (Sakura)
10. 宏一Drum ソロ (Koichi drum solo)
11. ジェラシー感じます (Jealousy kanjimasu)
12. 動画 (movie)
13. I’ll be there for you
14. プラネタリウム (Planetarium)
15. 亜麻色 (Amairo)
16. MC
17. シンデレラ (Cinderella)
20. Burning Love
21. MC
22. Party
23. 憂鬱Never End (Yuuutsu Never End)
25. MC
26. ブックマーク (Bookmark)
27. MC

‘Source: OHP


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