Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata

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Original title: わたしのハワイの歩きかた
Country: Japan
Release date: 14 June 2014
Genre: comedy, drama, romance
Director: Maeda Koji
Writer: Takeda Ryo

Minori is a 26-year-old magazine editor. Her work and love life are going well. Minori’s friend is about to have a wedding in Hawaii and she asks Minori to help prepare her wedding reception. She agrees, but must first fib to her company that she is going there for an assignment. In Hawaii, Minori meets Akane. Akane’s dream is to marry a rich man and she attends parties nightly. Minori also meets Tsutomu, a businessman struggling to pursue his dream, andTomoya, the son of a wealthy man. The four newly acquainted friends go around Hawaii together.

Eikura Nana – Oyamada Minori
Takanashi Rin – Yoshimura Akane
Seto Koji – Kamada Tsutomu
Kase Ryo – Abe Tomoya


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