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LOST ASH started officially as band in 2008 under the name OCELOT. With this name they had released 3 CDs – “STILL IN THE DARK”, “Daybreak/Disappear”, “Brave”, “FLARE”, “ID” and “Minority”. After that in 2009 their style had changed and they decided to change the name of the band into LOST ASH. December, the same year, they released first CD with the new name – “Seize your mind” as a free distributed single.
In April 2010 the band released their first official CD – “superNOVA”, which consisted 4 songs – 3 new songs and one of their old songs. With this single they hit 5th place in Oricon Indies chart. Later in 28th July 2010 their second single “innerCORE” was released. They continued to evolve. 3rd single “overHORIZON” was released on 19th January 2011 and again hit 5th place at Oricon Indies chart. With their fresh performances the band was charming the audience day by day. 7 days later was released compilation CD “CRUSH! -90’s V-Rock best hit cover songs-”, in which LOST ASH covered popular song by D-SHADE “Endless Love”.
In February they started new project, named “DEAD or ALIVE” – they had to gather at least 12,000 signatures in order to release their first album. On August and September 2011 LOST ASH decided to release 2 digital singles – “LIAR” and “CLOSE TO YOU”, which was available only for download. On 2nd November 2011 they faced another challenge – to perform 100 songs in one night – and they made it successful with over 10 hours performance. The program finished with 111,448 viewers and over 175,000 comments written during it. As “DEAD or ALIVE” project was successful they had released their first album “BLAZE IN HEART” on 30th November 2011. The album was released in 3 different editions – regular edition with 10 songs, limited edition with 12 songs and another limited edition, consisting CD with 10 songs and DVD with 3 music videos.
2012 started very positive for LOST ASH. With release of their first album they gained more and more fans. And as expected on 11th April newest single “MASK” was released in 2 edition – one regular edition with 3 songs and a limited edition with CD (2 songs) and DVD (MV and making of). In tune with the summer on 1st August new single “SUMMER/twilight” was released. One month later they participated again in a compilation. This time it was in “VOCALOID × V-ROCK collection”, in which they covered the song “Tenno-jaku”, originally by 164. But they didn’t stopped with this. On 21st November the band had released another new single – “Deadly444″. It was totally loved from their fans.
2013 started even more successful than 2012 and like this it was announced that on March 2013 the band will release their first live DVD. It was named “EVOLUTION THEORY” and was from the one-man live on 16th November 2012 at Shibuya WWW. 2months later on 1st May LOST ASH had released their second full album “THE REAL”. And following the album release the band made their first one-man live tour. Three dates were included: 15 June – Nagoya ell size, 16 June – Osaka RUIDO and the final – 6th July at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM. For the end of the year they decided to release another single. This time for fans’s surprise the title of the single was for the first time in Japanese – “Kodoku no Kakera”. The single was set to be released on 4th December 2013.
During 2014 the band continues his success and continue to make their monthly LOST ASH TV to keep the tension. They also started the campaign with “Kyoku Pro”, in which their fans can win the chance to play with them on a special concert. In March LOST ASH announced that new single will be released this summer.


Part: Vocal
Birthday: 14 December
Blood type: O
Height: 173 cm.
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Part: Guitar
Birthday: 23 July
Blood type: A
Height: 175 cm.
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Part: Bass
Birthday: 6th June
Blood type: A
Height: 176 cm.
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Part: Drums
Birthday: 19 April
Blood type: AB
Height: 170 cm.
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1. Seize your mind
2. superNOVA
3. innerCORE
4. overHORIZON
6. Close To You
8. SUMMER/twilight
9. Deadly444
10. Kodoku no kakera


1. CRUSH! -90’s V-Rock best hit cover songs-
2. VOCALOID × V-ROCK collection


Source: LOST ASH Worldwide Support


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