Nippon Heaven presents: ジャシー / JASSY


Official Site

ジャシー (JASSY) is a four member band that has officialy debuted on 2013, September. Their first mini album is named “味わいジャシー” (ajiwai jassy), showcasing dynamic and funny songs. After several live events this year, the band will hold their first sponsored event on June the 20th, as well as releasing their second mini album. Their first oneman is scheduled for August the 20th at Osaka RUIDO. Meanwhile, two songs are delivered to download for free on their official page this month, as well as two other in May.



Vo. メル (Mel)


Date of birth: 12/3
Blog | Twitter


image (1)

Date of birth: 7/10
Blog | Twitter

Ba. クリフ (Criff)

image (2)

Date of birth: 7/21
Blog | Twitter

Dr. 直人 (Naoto) ex-Back Low

image (3)

Date of birth: 9/25
Blog | Twitter

[unknown date] 味わいジャシー (ajiwai jassy)
[06.20.2014] Second mini album yet unnamed



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