Nippon Heaven presents: Femme Fatale

femme fataleOfficial Site

The new band Famme Fatale is formed in begining of 2014. Their official site is opened on 09.04.2014. They started very fast and will release their 1st single ”FREYA” on 28.05.2014. The sound is fiercely heavy in combination with bewitching voice of Kaya. In May and Jun they have a live performances. Famme Fatale 1st One Man ”the Fatal Day” will be on 02.05.2014 at Shibuya REX.

Kaya – vocal

kaya vo TaNa – guitar

tana gt

Iori / 源 依織 – guitar

iori tg2 Toshi – bass

toshi ba CHARGEEEEEE – drums

CHARGEEEEEE dr Discography:
FREYA – 28.05.2014

Source: OHP and Fatale Femme YouTube channel


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