LEZARD with new look and a bunch of new singles

LEZARDVisual kei band LEZARD revealed their new look for their upcoming 3rd single.

Vo. Lime
LimeGt. Kousuke
KousukeBa. TACC
TACCDr. Natsume

LEZARD are going to release their 3rd single 「べろべろば〜」 (Berobero ba~) on 4th June 2014. There is no more details announced about it.
Even though the band already has released 4 another singles – live-limited only. The first live-limited single was “ACCEL NEW WORLD” and was released on their live on 23rd February at Ikebukuro EDGE.

The other 3 live-limited singles were released as follows:
12th April: 「カクカクシカジカ」(Kakukakushikajika)
13th April: 「Emer-gence」
20th April: 「死ニタイ症候群」(Shinitai shoukougun)


「カクカクシカジカ」(Kakukakushikajika)  [choreography course]

「死ニタイ症候群」(Shinitai shoukougun)  [choreography course]

Source: OHP, Official YouTube channel


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