On Focus: Another Story

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Band is formed in June 2008 with the concept “band of genuine world-class “. Another Story was formed by the three original members KeiGo, K-MASA and 寛 -hero- and is based of hybrid rock (loud / screamo). In February 2009 with their support members of guitar and drums they started LIVE activities in Tokyo metropolitan area. In May 2011 they band had first overseas performance – in the United States. Immediately, after returning home, they started recording and released the 1st EP ” from the bottom of the world “. After one year, in April they had again tour in United States. In June same year guitarist Yusuke officially joined the band. 2nd EP ” Day to remember”, was release for the tour in throughout the country. Drummer Aki officially joined in 2013. On 25 February 2013 they signed contract with record label ” INTACT RECORDS”. On 21 August 2013 Another Story released debut EP “Signs”, which topped Tower Records’ album chart. For the records, they had worked with Ted Jensen (working with UVERworld and GREEN DAY). The culmination was on ”Signs” tour final one man in Shibuya O-Crest on 05.10.2013, where ”Signs” was SOLD OUT. But they didn’t stopped here. They will release their 1st full album ”Truth or Dare” on 21.05.2014.

KeiGo – vocal
Birthday: 03.08
Blood type: 0

keygo vo

Hero / 寛 – guitar
Birthday: —
Blood type: —

hero gt Yusuke – guitar
Birthday: —
Blood type: 0

yusuke gt2

K-MASA – bass
Birthday: —
Blood type: —

k masa ba

Aki – drums
Birthday: 13.12
Blood type: A

aki dr

from the bottom of the world – 2011
Day to remember – 2012
Signs – 21.08.2013

Truth or Dare – 21.05.2014

Source: OHP  and Another Story YouTube channel


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