Nippon Heaven presents: ANGRY FROG REBIRTH

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ANGRY FROG REBIRTH is Japanese pop screamo core band from Japan, mixing sounds from pop, metal, screamo, street punk and hardcore. The band is formed on 2nd May 2010 by the current members Ikeda, U, Maru and Roku. The band compose and create music, mixing many genres as well as screams with soft melody and singing. Their performance can be seen mostly in the areas Oita, Kouchi, Aomori and Saitama. ANGRY FROG REBIRTH release their first CD – mini-album “MUSIK” on 17th June 2012, which was limited to 800 copies only.
On 17th July 2013 the band finally released their first full album “Dance in the dark” under the label Live Power Creative. After that, on 16th November 2013 the band achieved a great success with sold out live at Shibuya club asia. In 2014 the band continue to produce awesome music and on 9th April release their first single with title “EMILY”.


Part: vocal

Part: vocal and guitar

Part: guitar

Part: bass


17.06.2014: MUSIK (mini-album)
26.06.2013: V.A./激ロック presents EXTREME PRIMER (compilation album)
17.07.2013: Dance in the dark (album)
09.04.2014: EMILY (single)


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