Shinigami-kunOfficial Site
Title: 死神くん
Format: Renzoku
Genre: drama
Airtime: Friday 23:15
Broadcast network: TV Asahi
Release date: 18.04.2014
Theme song: ARASHI – Dare mo Shiranai

Shinigami-kun (Ohno Satoshi), alias grim reaper #413, is a rookie, who pronounces the death of those scheduled to die and brings souls to the nether world. He would appear with the signature phrase “Congratulations! I’m here to call on you”, although it is hard to say how this can be a happy occasion, and watch over the dying. To a grim reaper, persuading people attempting to commit suicide and preventing unforeseen deaths is also an important task. But because #413 is new to this grim reaper work, he has a tendency to lean towards humans in his judgments, break the rules of the nether world and get reprimanded by his superior.

Ohno Satoshi – Shinigami-kun / Shinigami No. 413
Suda Masaki – Akuma
Kiritani Mirei – Shinigami-kun’s supervisor
Matsushige Yutaka – Chief


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