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TOKYO SICKS is an acoustic punk band, formed in 2007 in Kansai area. The band can be see performing in Tokyo and Kansai area.
The band release their first album, titled “ZERO” in October 2009. After this they make 2 year pause of releasing, mostly filled with live shows and in August 2011 they released their second album “heaven” at Amazon. Band’s first mini-album “BLUE(S)” was released nationwide on 20th February 2013, and along with it they made a nationwide tour and also held their 6th one-man live. In April, the same year, the band also made their first TV appearance at Fuji TV ASIA VERSUS. In July another mini-album was released – “Supplement”. At the end of 2013 TOKYO SICKS also made their major debut.


Part: vocal / acoustic guitar
Birthday: 11 December
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Shiga prefecture
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Part: vocal / acoustic guitar
Birthday: 14 June
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Kyoto prefecture
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Part: up-right bass
Birthday: 24 May
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Osaka prefecture
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ZERO (first album)
heaven (second album)
BLUE(S) (third mini-album)
Supplement (Healthy TOKYO first mini-album)


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