Music Review: Codomo Dragon – Children’s Dope

codomo dragon new

On April the 22th, the first full album of the band Codomo Dragon (コドモドラゴン) has been released. With 10 tracks, including the title track “Children’s Dope” as well as 6 new tracks, this first album was very awaited by the fans of the quintet.


After the release of the excellent “RIGHT EVIL”, and the disappointing but not bad “Nephentes”, I had some apprehension before listening for the first time to this album. Mostly after watching the teaser video for “Children’s Dope”, my doubts were not reduced. I took all my sympathy for the band with me and started with the first track “Mr.Gentleman”. Already the rhythm is given with this entertaining song.  Contrast between fast rhythm and gentle chorus tone, the signature of the band is respected and gives a good preface. The track is followed by “Rokukyon” that is a bit less fast than its previous sibling, but does not bring any originality more than the first one.

The already known “Heisei maxima number” and the new song “WYSIWIS” are built on the same system, but “WYSIWIS” is more enjoyable, with the effort of including some English words and feminine voices.  Finally a hope of originality in the album, and this is just the beginning with the gentle song “emotive”.  A very good surprise from the band, not used with those kinds of songs and this is a success, despite the very short duration of this track.

The wild rhythm starts off again with “naked”, a song that has been already released as a single in 2012, followed by “DIVA”. This new song gives the need to jump around and is rightly supported by the pleasant voice of the singer Hayato. “Raichou” follows this unchained craziness with some unstructured sounds, as well as the new version of “LETHE.” (Released in 2011).

The album finally ends with the title track “Children’s Dope” that has a pop atmosphere and will surprise a lot of persons, but maybe not in the good way this time. The song still has the signature of the band but maybe will sound boring to some persons, compared to the best songs Codomo Dragon could have released before. Maybe this song was not the best choice for a title track, and way not to end the album. However, after some listening, I learnt to appreciate this one, even if it won’t be my favorite.

Codomo Dragon is currently promoting their first album with a one-man tour until early June. Do not miss them if you have the chance to be in Japan during spring, and give a chance to this new album that can surprise you despite its lack of originality for some songs!

Global note: 7/10

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