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Name: Hitt
Birthday: 19th April 1982
Birthplace: Chiba
Bloodtype: A
Height: 170cm.
Weight: 54kg.

Mainly featuring his piano performance (he defines his style as ” piano rock “) HITT overwhelmingly performs a solitary rock entertainment show, whose makes a deep impression on the audience with his unique outfits and flamboyant performance. He also has been highly estimated as a composer, who written more than 150 original songs. He calls his fans “HITTERS” and he defines his performance “HITT SHOW”. When he was a secondary school student he started learning composing/lyric writing by self education. June 2000, he founded the punk band called “BB Dan”,and he handled all vocals,composing/lyrics writing and arrangement. December 2002, the band’s PV ” Kibou” featured into the TV program called BREAK GATE(CS FUJI TV networks). August 2003, the band released(the nationwide distribution) the 1st album “NO.!” Then shortly after the band broke up. In September same year, he founded the brand new band called THE HIT MAN,and he handled all vocals. Then a couple of months later,in November the band split up. February 2004, under the artist name HITT,he finally launched upon his solo career. Not only at clubs, but he also performed at various venues such as hospitals,music cafe terrace,restaurants,and there he gained his fans who’re from varied generation. In July 2006 released his first album – ” MEGAHITT” . January 2007, in his home town, he held the solo concert “Konya Wa Hitori Bocchi Ja Nai(means, “I’m not alone anymore in night time”)” at Inzai cultual hall. November 2007, as a bassist under the name “Suzumura Hitt” he joined the Japanese visual Kei band OTOKAGE. As a composer he contributed for the band with a couple of his compositions ” Ninpou Ranbu No Jutsu ” and ” Hyakunen Yozakura Ninpou Chou “. April 2009, as the member of OTOKAGE,he performed at SAKURA MATSURI in Philadelphia,the U.S.A,which was one of the appearances for the band’s initial world tour. In June,he left the band. August same year, the debut in Europe was announced(1st European tour). On the 1st September, KAKKOTSUKE MAN – the European edition was released. March 2010, the brand new full-album will be released both in Japan and in Europe at the same time. And in the same period, he’ll be back to Europe for his 2nd tour.
2011 followed by several tours in Europe, including Mexican and Russian tour. Same year for European tour – Because it’s Love (released mini album – Because it’s Love) and he come to Bulgaria for concert. April 2012 come to Europe for tour and release singles – For My Lover and For Myself. November same year he come again to Europe for LOVE x HATE tour (released album LOVE x HATE). In 2013 he release new two singles (WILD KISS and アラビアンサマーギラギラナイト☆) and one mini-album (NO SINGING NO LIFE). Same year also he have Mexico tour and another two tours in Europe. In April 2014 he was again in Mexico tour and release new two singles (生きろ and ハンサムロケンロー). On 31 May this month he will have live in Krakow / Poland at Magnificon XII Expo.

For My Lover – 14.03.2012
For Myself – 14.03.2012
WILD KISS – 18.04.2013
アラビアンサマーギラギラナイト☆ – 08.08.2013
生きろ – 10.01.2014
ハンサムロケンロー – 19.04.2014

Mini – albums:
Kakkotsuke Man – 01.09.2009
Because It’s Love – 20.07.2011
NO SINGING NO LIFE – 22.11.2013

MEGAHITT – 16.07.2006
I LOVE HITTERS – 12.03.2010
LOVE x HATE – 01.11.2012

I love HITTERS Live in Europe – 01.07.2010

Râmen Cup – 2012

Source: OHP and megahittofficial YouTube channel


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