On Focus: Yasuyuki Oono

10308068_500972273364134_7921843412279084097_n Official Facebook Page

Name: Yasuyuki Oono / 大野靖之
Birthday: 19th April 1982
Birthplace: Chiba
Publications book:
*Anthology – Puzzle (unfinished) – Winter 2005
*Documentary – “Street musician teacher” (Two books to be released)

Genre of his music is J-pop. Currently now he has a freelance music activities only alone. Accept request for lives and lectures. He has performed in Elementary school, Junior high school, High school, University, Vocational school, Board of art appreciation, Festivals, Hospitals, Weddings, Events. His indie album – 「命唄」 / “Song of Life” was released on 29 January 2003. After that on 06 July 2005 follows his major debut from Toshiba EMI with 1st single – 「心のノート/あいしてる」 / “Notes of the heart / I love you “.
He publish a books: Anthology – Puzzle (unfinished) – Winter 2005 and Documentary – “Street musician teacher” (Two books to be released). Second single – 「陽だまり/頑張れなんて言えないよ」 / “Hidamari / I can not say good luck” was released on 03 October 2007. 1st album – 「僕が今 出来ること」 / “Now i have Things to Do ” was released on 26 March 2008. July 2008, he a Prime Minister of the Grand Prix Award (People’s Honor Award youth edition). February 2009 was released limited single – 「また逢える日まで」 / “Until the day we meet again”. April 2010 start broadcasting “DREAM GOES ON” bayfm regular program (Broadcast end April 2011). 22 September 2010 was released next single – ジュブナイル~夢の旅人~. 2011 he began School song production in Chiba Prefectural – High School Abiko Higashi. Spring of 2012 he released CD “PROCESS” (self-produced). In each concert venue they is sell on hand.
For those who do not come, because of distance he also started selling by mail. In 2013 and 2014 follow more performances for him and another two with his brother.

「心のノート/あいしてる」 / “Notes of the heart / I love you ” – 06.07.2005
「陽だまり/頑張れなんて言えないよ」 / “Hidamari / I can not say good luck” – 03.10.2007
ジュブナイル~夢の旅人~/Jubunairu ~ yume no tabibito ~ – 22.09.2010
PROCESS – spring 2012

Limited singles:
「また逢える日まで」 / “Until the day we meet again” – February 2009

「僕が今 出来ること」 / “Now i have Things to Do ” – 26.03.2008

Indie albums:
「命唄」 / “Song of Life” – 29.01.2003

Source: Official Facebook Page  and 凛輝斗 YouTube channel


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