Nippon Heaven Presents: The♡Valentine.

the ValentineOfficial Site

The♡Valentine. is new band, formed in May 2014. They will official started their live activities on 12.07.2014 at Ikebukuro EDGE. Members are Yuuka (ex. Fi`Ance.), Ma NEW (ex. TRUST), Syu (ex. TRUST), Re (ex. Xrista) and Raito (ex. Fi`Ance.).

Yuuka / 憂架 – vocal
Birthday: 19.11
Blood type: 0

yuuka vo Syu / 朱 – guitar
Birthday: 20.01
Blood type: B

Syu gt Re / れー – guitar
Birthday: 07.01
Blood type: 0

re gt2 Ma NEW / 真new – bass
Birthday: 29.11
Blood type: AB

ma NEW Raito / らいと – drums
Birthday: 06.06
Blood type: AB

raito dr Video and discography soon!

Source: OHP


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