RoNo☆Cro with new look and 3 months consecutive releases

rono croRoNo☆Cro revealed their new look.

Vo. Minami

minami vo Gt. Setsuki

setsuki gt Gt. Mero

mero gt2 Ba. Reon

reon ba RoNo☆Cro announced good news for their fans. They will have 3 months consecutive releases. First will be released one-coin single with title ”パイナップルチャーハン / Painappuru chaahan” on 20.08.2014. The single will include 4 different types jacket. Second, will be released the single ”ろのくろちゃん / RoNo☆Cro-chan” on 17.09.2014 and will include photobook with 80 pages. And the third release will be maxi-single with title ”メンヘレーション / Menhereeshon”, which will release on 08.10.2014. More news about this releases, coming soon.

Source: OHP


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