D.I.D. has announced indefinite hiatus


We have to announce very important message from D.I.D. (Until the Day i Die) members.
Band members made a formal address in the form of a message in their official site on 03.06.2014 to all their fans.

We, D.I.D., have an important announcement to our fans.

We have been notified by Akane’s family that he has been hospitalized since early May due to severe bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
We have been receiving news of his progress, but since there are high probabilities of him still going in and out of hospital, we still cannot tell when he will recover fully. The memers have not yet been permitted to meet Akane face-to-face.

We’re in a situation where we can’t communicate with him. Therefore, D.I.D. will be on indefinite hiatus from the end of August this year.

The performances which are scheduled currently will be carried out by Sho, Tohma and Issei.

Since the recording of the songs of “Fatal Error Race” which was supposed to be released on June 25th has not been finished yet, the release will be delayed. We are deeply sorry to our fans who had been looking forward to this.

Akane has always been a person with a lot of ups and downs, but he was able to continue band activities until now because the members were there, the fans were there to support him. We feel truly helpless as things have turned out to be this way.

We apologize deeply to our fans and the related personal for all the trouble. For the remaining performances, we’ll do our best to convey the phrase Akane has been saying since a long time ago, “Fans and members make one as D.I.D.”


We wish to Akane to get well soon.

Source: http://did-official.com/


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