Live Report: girugämesh in Lyon, France // 03.06.2014


On June the 3rd, French fans of girugämesh were gathering around the Ninkasi Kao, in Lyon. Everyone was waiting in a good mood, excited to see the band.

After the doors’ opening at 19.00, everyone had to wait again for about an hour and though the venue was only half filled, the atmosphere was already hot. Some fans were already calling the band happily, clapping their hands and waving to the staff guy who was filming the crowd.

girugamesh report 1

When the lights finally turned off and that the intro music started, everyone screamed happily and the members went on stage one after the other under the applause. “Break Down” started right away and everyone in the public started to dance and jump around.

The band went on with the songs from their last album, “Drain” and “VOLTAGE” followed by “INCOMPLETE” that made the fans jumping again and shaking their arms as well as “antlion pit.” Nii and ShuU leaded the public by shaking their arms too and Satoshi were shouting “jump!”, while the drummer Ryo was giving all his best.

The unchained concert continued with “CRAZY FLAG” and everyone shouted “Burning the Flag!!” with Nii and ShuU before dancing and jumping in rhythm with “MISSION CODE”. The atmosphere then went back to a more rock and dark feeling with “patchwork” giving the opportunity to the fans to give their all during the chorus with the screaming and death voice of Satoshi. Different genres went on with “SUIREN”, “Resolution” and “DIRTY STORY” that completely set the venue on fire with its surging rhythm and the shouts of Nii followed by the audience who was shaking their arms.

girugamesh report 2

During every break that the band made, all the fans were calling them, which makes them smile and clapping for the public itself. Satoshi then announced “Live is Life” as well as “Never ending story” and the public started to dance and jump around in a happy atmosphere, singing together. Same for “evolution”, everyone shouted “Ready go, let me go!” and “Listen to my evolution!”, feeling that this will be one of the last songs where they will be able to give all their energy.

“ALONE” started and Satoshi clapped his hands along with the fans and everyone sang with him while waving their arms in unison before that the band left the stage. The public already called them back for an encore, shouting the band’s name to show all the love they got. The members then came back and the feminine back voices of “ZECCHOU BANG” started, making the fans screaming happily. They followed up with “Owari to Mirai”, warmly welcomed by everyone and finally “Kowarete iku sekai”, that surely gave chills to a lot of person despite the very high temperature that was a bit stifling inside the venue. Everyone was quite silent during the song to enjoy it the best, while Satoshi’s voice filled the last moment of the concert.

girugamesh report 3

At the end, while the instrumental version of “ALONE” started to indicate that this good gig was over, everyone applauded and shouted for the band to give them one last time all the love they could give. ShU threw his pick while the members were waving to say goodbye, and Ryo went backstage last after saying “Je t’aime” to the audience.

Credit photos: girugämesh


Break Down
antlion pit
Live is Life
Never ending story

Owari to mirai
Kowarete iku sekai



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