Music Review: Sadie – bleach

sadieOn 14th March visual kei band Sadie released their first CD for 2014 – exactly the mini-album “bleach”, for which I’m going to write right now. Sadie are one of the big names of visual kei industry, so fans have big expectations for their music and as we can see the band work hard to achieve their fan’s likes. And of course, most of all, to make good music.

The first song from this mini-album is of course, title song – “bleach”. It starts with catchy melody and good guitar sound. Right after vocalist Mao sink in the melody and impress with his voice. I especially like a lot the specific guitar riffs between the verses and the chorus and also the fast drumming. Added rapping after the second chorus and following guitar solo make the song even better. The next song “Voice of pain” starts with harsh sound so familiar for Sadie and Mao’s harsh voice makes you want to start headbanging along with the rhythmical drumming of Kei. This song is definitely more darker from the first one, even though we can hear Mao’s softer voice at times – the chorus.

“Tsuiren no Hana” (追恋の華) is something different. Starting slowly as a soft ballad it shows us the range of vocalist’s voice. Mizuki and Tsurugi makes also good guitar riffs after the second verse, followed by soft singing with only some piano sound. Definitely very good song for ballad’s lovers, even though it’s not a typical ballad. But the band don’t let us feel more ballad-y and go on with the 4th song from the album with the interesting title – “Sexual affection”, which is faster and have mixed singing with some rapping. The melody is catchy and can make you to want to move your body in sync with it. I like the drum ending a lot.

The album continue with the song “Oboreru Sakana” (溺れる魚), which starts kind of a soft, but then it all change with a faster guitar sound along with very well played drums. I like the lyrics of this songs very much. The next song “Nageki no Koufuku” (嘆きの幸福) is last for both limited editions and is melodic song, which pretty much reminds me of some of the previous band’s songs. Not fast, but not slow, the song impress with good composition and catchy lyrics.
Last song for the regular edition is plugless version of “Silent Eve”. I think this version transmit well the message of this song. With piano sound only the listener can fully enjoy the lyrics, which is a thing that I do like a lot.

Good job as always from Sadie. I can say that it worth buying, so be sure to order it. It is a must to buy.


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